The pursuit of campus mental wellbeing has a groundswell of support in many parts of the UBC Okanagan community. Our Campus Health team is collaborating with campus partners on a number of initiatives to support mental wellbeing. The VOICE 4 research findings detailing factors that support and hinder mental wellbeing are available here, under Reports. These findings are being used by action groups to guide advocacy for policy/practices changes and strategies to support mental wellbeing.

In addition, the Campus Health Voice team is involved in a number of other areas to support mental wellbeing. Read about our activities BELOW.

Classroom Wellbeing

Golden Apple Awards - March 27, 2019

Campus Health Voice students celebrated efforts by faculty to promote classroom wellbeing by awarding 20 faculty members nominated by students to receive Golden Apple Awards. This year marked the third year for this student-led initiative, and over 100 nominations were received. In nominating faculty member, students provided detailed descriptions of the ways that faculty members promoted wellbeing based on an evidence-based framework describing teaching practices that promote student wellbeing. Students’ descriptions of the strategies faculty used in their classrooms were shared at the awards event.

The Classroom Wellbeing Project – August 2018

Nursing students working with the Campus Health Voice team interviewed faculty members who received a 2018 Golden Apple award to learn more about the strategies they use to support classroom wellbeing, and gather recommendations for equipping other teachers with knowledge and skills to promote wellbeing in classrooms. Read the full report prepared by BSN students Chantel Kirtzinger, Kassi Wright, Kaylee Lucks and Natasha Prohoroff here.

Other resources for supporting classroom wellbeing:
 Classroom Edition: A resource for wellbeing in the classroom by Dr. Sally Willis-Stewart
 Teaching Practices that Promote Wellbeing

Golden Apple Awards - March 26, 2018

The Campus Health Voice student team recognized 14 faculty members who excelled in promoting classroom wellbeing with Golden Apple Awards. Student were invited to nominate faculty members who demonstrated teaching strategies outlined in the UBC evidence-based framework describing teaching practices that promote student wellbeing. Nominations were reviewed by the student team to identify faculty who made outstanding efforts to promote wellbeing. This year marked the 2nd year for presenting these awards.

Bell Let’s Talk at UBCO

January 29, 2021

Students working with our Campus Health Voice team moved conversations about mental health online to join this national initiative to create a stigma-free Canada. This year’s theme was: every action counts. Students used social media to encourage everyone to think about ways to support themselves and others in small ways. They invited UBCO students to share their ideas on social media.

Check out these five simple ways to help end the stigma and start a conversation here.